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Customer Testimonials

Here are some letters from some of our many pleased clients! Sometimes it’s good for you to hear what OTHER people say about our dogs.

  1. Thursday, 11/13/14, 8:28 PM Route 66 is so great to work with I am so happy a friend recommended them. I figured they had to be great (just didnt know this great!) if someone from MA decided to get their dog from Missouri. Working with Route 66 has been so easy and comforting. I have spoken to Alicia via phone and email many many times. She has gone above and beyond with answering my questions (called her while I was preparing and buying stuff at PetSmart) and has shared many resourceful tips to care for the puppy and given me some guidance. She has also sent me pictures and videos often as I waited for my puppy to arrive. Thank you so much! From: Malden, MA Email: [email protected]
  2. Thursday, 3/13/14, 6:11 PM I love your site!! The new litter of puppies are beautiful. I actually was looking for a puppy from your 1-6-14 litter. I love the coloring on those puppies. Can you keep me posted on any future litters you have? Thank you for all your help. From: Cape Coral, Florida Email: [email protected]
    Robin Kennedy
  3. Monday, 1/13/14, 9:08 PM We bought our Mugsy 3.5 years ago from you. I cannot express to you what a joy he has been. He's got beautiful deep red and white coloring. His physique is perfect he's got a great shape. His face is pretty. He stops traffic wherever we go.. He has excellent temperament. He never chewed anything is very gentle and loves people. He is devoted to me and I completely adore him. He goes with me everywhere.. Just wants to tag along like a pal... I need to figure out how I can get him into the movies or cash in on his good looks.. We discuss purchasing another one from you often.. And I'm sure we will... Thank you, thank you, thank you!! From: Jersey Shore Email: [email protected]
    Marianne Muha and Ed Hanna
  4. Monday, 6/17/13, 9:19 AM I love my dog that I got from you. From: aspen, co Email: [email protected]
    Elizabeth Jeffett
  5. Tuesday, 5/7/13, 8:31 AM Thank you for all the information on bulldogs, very helpful. have been thinking of starting my own kennel. I love my dogs and they are very spoiled. I would like to become a breeder and keep the bloodline going. Thank you Brenda Bennett From: SALISBURY Email: [email protected]
  6. Sunday, 2/17/13, 1:38 PM we bought a puppy a few years back and was wondering if he was from your line his sire is route66s winston From: missouri Email: [email protected]
  7. Tuesday, 7/24/12, 4:39 PM Hi Route 66, I just wanted to say that Macer back then he was scooter just turned 4 last Friday. He is the most unique dog with a very strong personality but we couldnt be happier with him. For the past four years he has been my baby and will continue to be forever..Thanks for giving me one of the greatest things in my life.. Elizabeth From: Illinois Email: [email protected]
  8. Sunday, 6/3/12, 8:40 PM We purchased a pup from you 3 years ago Cloe. She's a fantastic dog and we are so grateful to of got her from you. You was so helpful before and after we brought her to our home. I believe her dad was flash. She's such a good natured bulldog. Was so easy to potty train and does great with kids. She's a big people person. If we ever want a other bulldog we will for sure buy from you again. I highly recommend you and I've told many people where we got our bulldog at. Thanks! Amber From: albany Missouri Email: [email protected]
    Amber Parkhurst
  9. Monday, 3/26/12, 6:22 PM Me and my wife purchased a puppoy from you about 4 years ago (snow was his name at the tim)and couldnt be happier. From: Savannah GA Email: [email protected]
  10. Monday, 3/26/12, 1:43 PM We welcomed Gracie , now named "Canoli", into our lives last November, 8 weeks and 8 pounds. She has grown every day since! She now weighs 30lbs and is loved by everyone including her mommy and daddy! We bought her a huge bully stuffed toy, you should see her drag it around. She also loves her own lil' swimming pool, jumps in/out then runs around the yard and jumps back in th water to do it all over again. Canoli brings so much joy to our lives. Thank you Route 66! From: Arizona Email: [email protected]
  11. Friday, 3/23/12, 10:30 PM Hello, I have Ambrosa and am over the moon! I've been waiting for her for 38 years (yes, really!). She's the only pet in the house of 7 girls to chew on. She's vibrant and frisky, not quite a lap dog - she's a neck dog. She doesn't spend much time on the floor but we'll all come back to earth soon. We had to re-name her Diva, well just look at her! Thank you so much for our gorgeous girl. I can't take my eyes off her! jl From: Stockton, CA Email: [email protected]
    Jerilyn Lewis
  12. Sunday, 2/19/12, 5:06 PM Jade (formally known as Dixie) became a part of my family back in October. She is the best dog I could have asked for. She gets along with everyone and wherever I take her people have to stop, pet her, and compliment her beauty. When I purchase another bulldog, I will choose no place other than Route 66 English Bulldogs. There dogs are truly one of a kind. From: Alabama
    Alli Gowins
  13. Saturday, 12/31/11, 11:15 AM LOVE LOVE LOVE our new baby!!! Thank you SO much!!!! From: Elkins, Arkansas
    Mandy and Troy Reed
  14. Wednesday, 12/14/11, 7:59 AM I aquired my beautiful Heidi from Route 66 English Bulldogs. Heidi has been such a joy in my life, everywhere i take her people stop & tell me what a beautiful girl she is! Route 66 has been so great to work with, anytime i have any questions or concerns they have been there for me. My Heidi is now 3 1/2 years old & i still recieve good advice from Route 66. I recommend Route 66 English Bulldogs to anyone looking for an adorable english bulldog to add to thier life! Thanks so much Route 66!! From: Burbank, CA
    Jessie Ferguson
  15. Thursday, 11/24/11, 11:11 AM Beautiful dogs.. From: Hawaii Email: [email protected]
    Kali French
  16. Sunday, 11/20/11, 8:19 AM You have adorable puppies. I am wondering if you have any minature english bulldog puppies. I am looking for one for a Christmas present for my dauhghter, who is a full-time college student, full-time CNA & full-time volunteer firefighter for a local volunteer fire department. So a mini would be ideal for MY small house. This puppy would never lack for love & affection seeing as how I have a family of 5 in my home & step grandchildren as well! I look forward to hearing back from you soon. From: Chillicothe Missouri Email: [email protected]
    Carmelia Bannan
  17. Thursday, 10/27/11, 4:16 AM We have recently added to our family from Route 66, and our very excited. The owners are very down to earth and easy to talk to, even if you are country's away. (like Afghanistan)We have never been more comfortable in adding to our family as we are now. Thank you for the wonderful joy, Josh and Sarah From: Halifax, PA Email: [email protected]
    Josh & Sarah Conrad
  18. Sunday, 9/25/11, 4:40 PM We have had our Fiona for a few weeks now and are totally in love with her. She is the most cuddly and lovable puppy ever. She makes me laugh daily and I can't imagine her not in our family. Thank you for easing my concerns and answering my many questions. I will be sure to send updated photos soon! We will certainly remember you if we ever choose to give her a playmate!! From: North Carolina
  19. Wednesday, 8/24/11, 1:44 AM I love Bulldogs & have had them for the past 35 yrs up until I lost my last one. They are such a big part of my life & I loved them dearly. I truly miss having one now in life. I have fostered Bullies in the past also. I am home fulltime now due to my health & will be the rest of my life. I think your website is wonderful & just love seeing your Bullies. I am not sure where you folks are located, but please remember me if you need one fostered or adopted for reasons that make them unable for you to sell. I can not longer afford to purchase one like in the past, but I love them & would give one a good home with lots of love & understanding. I have had two bullies that were epileptic, & had numberous medical conditions with my rescue bullies, so therefore I do have a great deal of experience with Bullies w/medical conditions. Best Wishes with your Bullie Business & give them all an extra kiss for me! From: Portland, Maine Email: [email protected]
  20. Tuesday, 7/26/11, 6:12 PM We came down in early June and got LuLu from Route 66 Bulldogs. She is absolutely adorable and everyone who sees her wants to know where we got her. LuLu is funny, smart and very playful and a great addition to our family. I am so glad we got her- she is very, very loved! Thanks for LuLu! From: Coralville, Iowa Email: [email protected]
    Cerina Wade
  21. Tuesday, 7/26/11, 5:45 PM my sister & her husband and my 12 year old son drove 6+ hours from our home in early june to get a puppy from route 66. she is the most spoiled dog on the planet. she is sheer joy (and naughty) and everyone in our family just loves her. strangers stop my sister & say that they don't even like dogs & they love lulu! she is healthy, smart & beautiful! she came from a well loved home & is very playful! thanks route 66! From: iowa city Email: [email protected]
    lisa crawford

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