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If you have bought a new English Bulldog puppy from us then you have come to the right page. Whether this is your first bulldog puppy or a new friend for a bulldog puppy you already own then you may find some helpful info on this page. 

Puppy Proofing Your Home: 

 Puppy proofing your home is much life toddler proofing a home, you will need to remove anything that may harm your puppy. Your new puppy will be very curious & want to check out every corner. Before your new puppy comes home go through each room of your house & check for possible hazards. Your new bulldog puppy will be able to climb, jump, scratch & chew so place harmful items well out of reach. Electrical cords need to be well tucked away. Medications, chemicals, poisonous plants, breakable items, & small choking hazards need to be placed out of your puppies reach. Cabinets & drawers within your puppies reach containing things that could hurt your puppy should have a child proof lock on them. Because puppies will want to chew a lot you need to have plenty of chew toys for your puppy & encourage them to chew on their toys rather than you personal belongings. Also if you own a cat make sure the litter box is out of reach.


The first thing you should have for your puppy is to have him/her microchipped. Microchipping is the safest form of identification for your puppy & if your puppy is ever lost of stolen you are much more likely to find your puppy then if he/she were not microchipped. We can microchip your puppy for you. 

 When buying food dishes for your puppy do not buy ones that can easily be chewed up by the puppy, it is best to get stainless steel, ceramic or glass pet food dishes. 

 We also recommend getting your bulldog puppy a harness it will keep your puppy from getting choked as  as a collar can & this is especially important for bulldogs. Your puppies harness should also be equipped with an identification tag for your bulldog puppy.

 You will need chew toys for your puppy as your puppy will definitely want things to chew on. We like the Nylabone toys & the Kong toys. Your puppy will also enjoy other types of toys other than chew toys like ropes, soft squeaky toys, balls, etc. 

 We highly recommend a dog crate for the new bulldog in your life. A crate offers them a place to retreat & feel safe. They also are great for when you have to leave the house for a while to keep your puppy contained & safe from harm. Crates come in quite a few sizes you should get a size larger than your puppy needs as he/she will be growing rapidly at their young age. The crate should give the puppy plenty of room to turn around, stand & lay down comfortably. 

 You will need grooming items for your puppy such as nail clippers, a brush or comb & shampoo. We also recommend baby wipes to clean out the wrinkles. 

 Every bulldog owner should have some real lemon juice in their fridge. The real lemon juice can be squirted in the dogs throat if he is having heat exhaustion as it will open up the airways & make it easier to breath. 

 We also highly recommend a good vitamin supplement for your bulldog puppy to ensure he/she is getting the adequate nutrition needed. We give all of our bulldogs including our puppies Nuvet Plus it cannot be ordered in stores you can order it by calling 800-474-7044 – Use Order Code: 35903. 


We feed our puppies Nutrisource small/medium breed puppy food. When you bring home your new bulldog puppy you should either keep him/her on the Nutrisource puppy food or slowly wing your puppy off of it by mixing another equally nutritious food with it for about a week to help prevent stomach upset. You can visit  to see if they carry it in your area.

Veterinarian Care: 

Within 2 days of receiving your new bulldog puppy you should take him/her to the vet for a normal puppy exam. You will need to return to the vet for all of his/her puppy booster shots until his final shots at around 16 weeks old. The final booster shots for your puppy are also the most important as this is when the puppies immune system is strong enough for the boosters to fully protect him. So do not miss any of your puppies shots or he could end up with Parvo or other diseases that he should have been vaccinated for. 



At the age of 2 months most puppies are ready to pick up on the concept of housebreaking & crate training. Your young puppy will not have the ability to hold his urine & stools for as long as the adult dogs can so he will need to be taken out more frequently. Most all puppies will need to go potty within 30 minutes after eating most often it's sooner than that, so make sure to let your puppy out once he's done eating. When your bulldog puppy has gone outside make sure to show your approval for a job well done. 
Crate training your puppy works great for housebreaking your puppy. Make sure to get a crate that's big enough for you puppy to stand, lay down & turn around in comfortably, but not so big that he can make one area of the crate the bathroom. Put something soft & comfortable in the crate for your puppy to lay down on. The crate needs to feel like a comfortable sleeping area so your puppy will be less tempted to go potty in his/her crate. If your bulldog puppy does have an accident in his/her crate be sure to clean it up as quickly as possible, the longer it sits the more likely the puppy is to go potty in the crate again. A crate is works great for teaching bowel and bladder control. If you're planning on crate training to housebreak your puppy, then you should start crate training as soon as your new puppy arrives at your home. This will lesson the amount of accidents your puppy has before he is completely comfortable in his crate.


Socializing Your English Bulldog Puppy

Socialization is very important for English Bulldog puppies. We begin the process of socializing the English Bulldog puppies & when the English Bulldog puppies leave to thier new forever homes it's important that thier new owners continue socializing them. Exposing your English Bulldog puppy to new people, places & other dogs will help your English Bulldog puppy to become a well-balanced English Bulldog. English Bulldogs with a lack of socialization can become fearful or aggressive because they are not familiar that sort of interaction. 
Socializing an English Bulldog puppy is very easy, just bring your English Bulldog puppy with you when you go places & show your English Bulldog puppy off. If certain places cause any fearful reaction in your English Bulldog puppy then you should take your English Bulldog puppy to these places more often to be introduced into those situations. A puppy daycare or puppy kindergarden class is a good environment for your English Bulldog puppy.