Route 66 English Bulldogs 

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 Route 66 English Bulldogs is a small business run in our family home we raise English Bulldogs & offer bulldog puppies for sale, adult bulldogs for sale at times & stud service locally to approved females.
We have been English Bulldog Breeders since 1999. We don't breed any mixed bred bulldogs all of our bulldogs for sale are AKC purebred English Bulldogs.We are licensed by the Missouri Department of Agriculture & USDA as well as AKC & our Veterinarian comes out and inspects us. The puppies that we raise are cared for in a family environment with lots of love & the utmost of care. We enjoy finding good homes for our puppies where we know they will get plenty of love & affection.  

 You can visit our videos page to see the videos of our bulldogs, past bulldog puppies & bulldog puppies for sale. Check back often to see new videos. You can also visit us on You Tube to see our whole collection of videos & join us on Google Plus to keep updated on new videos. You can visit our past puppies page to see pictures & slideshows of past puppies. From our studs page you can visit the pages of all of our studs for more pictures & info about them. On our females page we have several pictures of each female in our breeding program. 

We are happy to answer any questions you might have & are here for you before & after the sale. You are welcome to Contact Us anytime, we run our business 24/7 especially when we are getting up all hours of the night with the puppies. As an English bulldog breeder we have many return satisfied customers that also refer us to friends & family. I am more than happy to offer you references or you are more than welcome to check out my guest book & contact previous buyers. We would love it if you would sign our guest book located at the footer of our page you can leave a testimonial if you are a previous customer or leave a comment if you are just visiting or thinking about buying a bulldog puppy. 

Below you can select topics about us for more information on each topic or just scroll down the page to read through them.

​​We offer English Bulldog puppies for sale not only in our home state of Missouri, but also in all of the United States including Alaska. We ground ship our puppies to most locations some locations require that they fly. If shipping is included in the purchase price of the puppy then you will have to add extra to the cost if your puppy is being shipped by air. The airlines will not fly a flat snouted dog when the temperatures are too hot or too cold as well as extreme weather conditions can affect shipping the puppies whether it be by ground or by air.  

 We prefer to ground ship our puppies as it is safer. Ground transportation is temperature controlled & there is 2 people on board at all times that are equipped with the necessary things to care for the puppies. The puppies will have food & water at all times. They travel by cargo van or truck & it is kept clean & sanitary. There is ventilation onboard, on the trucks there is also a septic system. All vehicles are equipped with heating & air conditioning. Ship day is on Monday’s except for some holidays they will ship out on different days. The days for flying out puppies varies. They cannot give an exact day or time of delivery before all the puppies have boarded onto the trucks going in their destinations. Once all puppies have boarded their trucks, the drivers will contact their customers on Monday evening or Tuesday morning to give the estimated delivery time. Drivers generally meet off of a highway near the destination or a pre-determined location agreed upon by the driver & the receiving party. They have their own in house veterinarian that checks all puppies before they head out to their destinations. They will not ship puppies that have any sort of contagious illness or disease period. Their main concern is the health of the puppies so they do everything necessary to ensure the health of the puppies. 

We can ship to:

New Hampshire 
New Jersey 
New Mexico 
New York 
North Carolina 
North Dakota 
Rhode Island 
South Carolina 
South Dakota 
West Virginia 

 We accept credit, debit & Pay-Pal for payment either way you will get a receipt for your purchase. If you are driving to our location you can also pay with cash.

 All we require to hold a puppy is a $500 deposit which comes off of the purchase price of your puppy. We also accept deposits for picks out of an upcoming litter, the deposit will come off of the purchase price of the puppy that you choose from that litter. After you have paid your deposit you can pay as you like final payment is due 1 week before the shipment of your puppy or due the day of pick up if you are coming to pick up your puppy. Deposits are non-refundable, however you are guaranteed a puppy with a deposit, we can hold onto deposits for as long as needed. 

About Our Health Guarantee
We offer a health guarantee with the purchase of one of our puppies that covers congenital or genetic defects that adversely affect the health of your puppy. If the health guarantee is exercised than a replacement puppy is given. The health guarantee does not cover health issues that can be treated & it does not cover any veterinarian costs. The buyer is responsible for the health care & maintenance of the puppy. No guarantee is made as to disposition, confirmation, size, weight, color, markings or breeding ability. 

 The buyer must have the puppy examined by a DVM within (2) days of receiving the puppy excluding Sundays & holidays or the guarantee will be voided. Any noticed health issue must be reported within (2) days so we can assist & advise. Our health guarantee is non-transferable. 


 We can microchip your puppy & we recommend having your puppy microchipped. Microchips are as big as a grain of rice & are implanted under the dog’s skin. Microchipping is safer than other forms of identification. If your dog were to get lost he could lose his collar & tags or if he were stolen the thief could take his collar & tags, but he could not take his microchip. A microchip allows your dog to be tracked back to you. If people find your dog they can bring him to the vet to check for a microchip so they can see if they can find the dog’s owner. There’s also neat stuff that can work with your dog’s microchip, like a doggy door that recognizes your dog’s microchip when he approaches. 

 You should microchip your puppy as soon as possible so that you can rest assured knowing that if something were to happen to your dog you will have a much better chance of him/her returning back to you. If you are purchasing a puppy from us & are interested in having your puppy microchipped give us a call 417-859-7986.

Nutrition & Diet

 We give all of our bulldog’s adequate nutrition & have put a lot of time & research into proper nutrition for bulldogs. We care greatly about the health of our dogs & do all we can to assure good healthy breeding stock. By giving our dogs the proper diet & nutrition our bulldogs are not only healthier, but we have less trips to the vet than dogs without proper nutrition in their diets. We feed our bulldogs & puppies Victor's Super Premium Grain Free dog food & give them NuVet Plus vitamins daily. For more information on the dog food we feed visit  you can find out if they carry it in your area on their website. For more information & to order the vitamins that we give our dogs visit or call 800-474-7044 – Use Order Code: 35903. NuVet Plus is not available in stores. 

How we raise our puppies

After a litter of puppies is whelped they are brought home in an incubator to keep them at the right temperature & humidity level. Once home the mother rests for a short bit then she is cleaned off before we place the puppies on her for their first nursing. We make sure to wash our hands before handling the puppies to help prevent the spread of germs to the puppies. One of us remains with the puppies & their mother while the puppies are nursing to make sure that none of the puppies get accidently hurt by the mother & also to make sure that all the puppies are getting a chance to nurse. The puppies are placed with the mama every 2 hours to nurse. After the puppies are done nursing we take them from the mama & put them into a separate container with soft bedding, a heating pad & a heat lamp. We have to take them from the mama or she could accidently smother or injure a puppy this also gives the mama a break from the puppies. 

 We keep to a schedule for worming prevention & shots for the puppies & keep a record of their shots & worming’s that the puppy buyers will receive a copy of when they receive their new bulldog puppy. The puppies will also be examined by our licensed veterinarian before making their journey to their new homes. The puppies are raised in our home & by the time that the puppies are weaned they are running around & playing with each other & with us & our kids. We keep them well socialized which is a very enjoyable part of our job & this helps them to be ready to live with their new families. The puppies have to be 8 weeks old before we can let them leave to their new forever homes. 

About our Bulldogs

The english bulldogs that we breed are bred to the bulldog standard. We offer standard size bulldogs & miniature english bulldogs. We don’t breed any mixed bred bulldogs all of our bulldogs are AKC purebred bulldogs. The bulldogs that we breed have great temperaments, the classic bulldog build, nice snouts not long or overly shovel jawed, they have plenty of wrinkles & they are low to the ground. Our bulldogs are from healthy champion bloodlines & we go to the farthest extent to breed our bulldogs to the best they can be.

  English bulldogs are one of the most popular dog breeds & one of the most expensive dog breeds because they are very expensive to reproduce & it takes a lot of time & effort to raise them proper. It takes a very special person that is very dedicated to the breed to continue to improve the breed & raise the breed. A lot of people don't understand how much time & work & knowledge that you have to know in order to raise these bulldogs properly. 

Our Breeding Program
​​We keep a schedule for shots, worming prevention, flea/tick prevention & heart worm prevention. Our bulldogs are bathed on a regular basis every 2 weeks which is sufficient & keeps them good & clean. Bathing our dogs on a regular schedule allows us a time to look over each dog to make sure that they are looking healthy as they should be. Our bulldogs undergo health screenings each year to assure we are breeding healthy bulldogs. 

 We have a newly built kennel (2013) that is very well insulated with blown insulation, concrete floors, central heating & air conditioning, electric ventilation system & sewage system. All of our bulldogs have 24/7 access to outside the kennel except for in extreme weather. Each bulldog has their own very roomy kennel run. When the weather allows we take them out a few times daily to play & exercise we are with them during this time. They all have fresh water 24/7 & are fed on a daily regular feeding schedule. Our kennel is well kept & sanitary, we are in & out of the kennel on a regular basis every day. 

 When our females are getting closer to their whelping date they are brought into our home so we can monitor them closely which includes taking their temperature every few hours & feeding them a special diet. The mother & her puppies are kept in our house. We are up all hours of the night when we have puppies on the ground as with this breed you cannot leave them alone with the mama there has to be someone supervising it to assure that the mother does not roll over on a puppy, step on a puppy etc. as well as make sure that all the puppies are getting a chance to nurse.

 All in all we take very good care of our dogs & we care deeply about their health & well being. We spend most of our waking hours taking care of our beloved bulldogs. They are a joy & a blessing to us. They are worth every bit of time that we put into them & some. All of our bulldogs are very happy & well cared for.  


We are licensed with the Missouri Department of Agriculture, USDA & are also inspected by AKC & our licensed veterinarian comes out yearly & inspects the kennel & exams all of our bulldogs. During inspection they look over the kennel & all the dogs as well as check our paper work & medical records for the dogs. The inspectors are the eyes that see all of our dogs & how well they are taken care of, so that anyone who cannot come here personally can rest assured that they are buying from a breeder who takes the very best care of their dogs. We are also an AKC Bred with H.E.A.R.T breeder that makes an on-going commitment to the health and well-being of purebred dogs by committing to these program requirements:

Certifying that their breeding stock is health tested in accordance with the recommendations of their breed's AKC Breed Parent Club.

Promising that they will pursue AKC provided or AKC approved continuing breeder education so that they stay current on the best breeding practices, including advances in canine health.

Agreeing to comply with the AKC Care and Conditions Policy, including inspections by the AKC, and promising to share with AKC health testing and continuing education documentation.

Accepting responsibility for the health and well-being of the puppies they produce and for complying with all laws regarding the ownership and maintenance of dogs.

Upholding the AKC's tradition of breeding purebred dogs that are happy and healthy.